A Really Good Place To Eat In The

City of Saranda

Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting Atmosphere of Shiza Restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of Saranda, Shiza offers more than just dining; it’s an exploration of Albania’s culinary landscape. Our tranquil setting, adorned with traditional and contemporary decor, serves as a haven amidst the city’s hustle. Here at Shiza, every meal is a celebration of authentic Albanian flavors, savored in an ambience that exudes warmth and sophistication.


Situated in the heart of Saranda, Shiza offers culinary delights steps away from the sea.

Situated in the heart of Saranda, Shiza offers culinary delights steps away from the sea.

Our warm and professional staff at Shiza strives to make every dining experience unforgettable.

Good Vibes
Cozy Place

To make everyone feel at home and find their atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Find solace in our secluded verdant oasis, away from the city’s bustle. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the night with live music and performances each Friday!

Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat.

Seabass Carpaccio

1000 L

Octopus Salad

1500 L

Saganaki Shrimps

1200 L

Baked Octopus

1500 L

Seafood Linguine

800 L

Shrimp Rissotto

900 L

Veal Fillet

2200 L

Wild Fish

5000 L



What They Say

The charm of Shiza lies not just in its delectable food, but also in its location. Nestled in the heart of Saranda, it offers an ambiance that perfectly complements their menu. A delightful experience indeed!​​
A dining experience at Shiza Restaurant is like stepping into a culinary fairytale. From the farm-fresh ingredients to the impeccable service, everything is simply perfect. Truly a must-visit!​
Amelia Thompson
Shiza is more than just a restaurant. It's an exploration of Albanian cuisine at its finest. The fusion of traditional and modern dishes left us wanting more. A gastronomic gem in Saranda!​